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Our health and our wellbeing are profoundly interconnected. One affects the other. Balance is paramount. And our lifestyle; our emotional, spiritual and physical stability and harmony require regular care and repair throughout our lifetime.

However, there may come a time when we arrive at a place feeling lesser than we once were. A trying time in life perhaps, when we may think it far too challenging to return to those 'better, more capable' days when we felt happier, stronger and healthier. Here, we naturally turn to allopathic diagnosis and/or treatment – but so rarely does it dig deep enough to recommend a truly beneficial holistic approach to causation and cure.

OMÉYU is about providing you with new life skills and the knowledge for self-discovery and improvement; with some remarkable treatments along the way. A multi-faceted approach on how to build and regain control of your own health. We focus on our right to be well – and the abundance that flows when we are well. To acquire balance, to heal ourselves with nutrition, herbs, breath and lifestyle. A journey to your healthy, inner self.

me you oméyu

Hi, I’m Lara from Oméyu. I love my work because my passion for wellness is a truly heart-felt desire for the wellbeing of all. The joy of caring, of sharing and healing is a special, if not humble expression of love that I wish to embrace with all my valued clients. Also, to inspire and empower others to be well, and to thrive upon their own path in life. In my career path, as a professional massage therapist, I have learned much from my clients. Especially, how health and wellbeing can greatly benefit from a diversity of interconnected treatments. Integral as massage is to rid pain, to relax, to revive and initiate healing – we need deeper remedial practices to scope beyond the physical curative benefits of massage. The Oméyu road to optimal health requires a holistic, energetic, emotional and even spiritual therapeutic process. 

 My clients remedial needs (alongside my own health issues) largely inspired me to open my world to understand and practice so many more well-grounded therapeutic conventions. I studied, and now proudly include; holistic nutrition, meditation, Numa Breathwork, Somatic therapy and regenerative detoxification as treatment offerings. 

Oméyu was born of a need to integrate and apply these truly enlightened practices that alleviate inflammation and pain, enhance health and improve our quality of life. I like to think of Oméyu as a place to capture and maintain good health. A home to share awareness. A meeting place and a community for us all to flourish. Me, you and Oméyu will journey together to learn and grow. Along the way you’ll get access to amazing workshops, events, tutorials, holistic nutrition courses and more.


For over two decades now, I've been a registered independent massage therapist working to support my clients along their journey to better physical health. When I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in 2016, it became necessary for me to further my knowledge for my own ‘soul-deep’ journey into healing. Since there was little on offer from Allopathic medicine I felt motivated to go deeper within myself and take responsibility for my own recovery...


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With a variety of massage modalities on offer, OMÉYU wants you to enjoy the most suitable and effective treatments available – every time. That’s why a wellness consultation is included at the beginning of every session. Together, we’ll ensure that your therapeutic massage is the most appropriate to your needs.  


Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage targets deep layers of tight muscle and surrounding tissues. Perfect for the treatment of sports injuries and/or chronic pain • 30min-$53 • 45min-$73 • 60min-$93 • 90min-$123 • 120min-$176


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage combines pressure-point palming, dynamic thumb-acupressure massage and applied yoga muscle-stretching techniques to effectively relieve acute or chronic pain and to balance body energy • 90min-$128


Thai Aromatherapy

Thai Aromatherapy Massage combines the revitalizing Sen Thai massage with Swedish massage techniques – using deeply fragrant, therapeutic blends of essential massage oils for a super-sensorial energy-balancing experience • 60min-$93


Thai Reflexology • hands+feet

Thai Hands & Feet Reflexology is an exquisite fusion of Chinese reflexology, Thai acupressure-point therapy and Sen energy-line work. Designed to stimulate internal organs to help remove toxins and unblock Sen energy lines to empower self-healing and also help strengthen the skeletal system • 60min-$93


Pre/Post Natal Massage

Pre/Post Natal Massage is a safe and relaxing all-body treatment for moms to be. Also, an ideal opportunity to retreat in sanctuary for some well-earned pampering and special baby-time bonding • 60min-$93


Myofascial Massage

Myofascial Massage is a dynamic motion-restoration and pain-elimination treatment focusing on the reparation of the fascial system; connective tissue beneath the skin that keeps muscles, joints and internal organs fit and functional • 60min-$93


Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, hands-on treatment designed to support the body's innate healing processes, to improve the functioning of the central nervous system; and other systems such as digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory. Highly beneficial for those with an accumulation of healthcare challenges • 60min-$93 • 90min-$123 • 120min-$176


Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle massage therapy performed with absolutely no discomfort, using specific placement of soft-applied touch to rebuild, balance and improve the body’s proprioception to restore normal mobility, tone and motion of the viscera (the internal organs) and their connective tissues • 60min-$93 • 90min-$123


Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is a traditional Japanese massage technique ideal for remedial relaxation and reducing stress. It’s thoroughly soothing and profoundly promotes well-being through all aspects of healing – physical, mental and spiritual • 60min-$93

Why not try any one, or all of these inclusive OMÉYU ADD-ONS for an even more effective treatment session.  


Sound Vibrational Therapy

Uses singing bowls, tuning forks & instruments to create therapeutic music; sound vibrations that stimulate nerve bundles, brain stem and limbic system. Relaxes muscle tissue, opens blood vessels and lymphatic pathways to improve the body’s ability to heal • Add $5


Fire Cupping

Utilizes the gentle force of vacuum from heated glass cups to open potential stagnation or blocked points for better energy flow – particularly in the blood and lymphatic system to rejuvenate specific meridians and organs • Add $10


Guided Meditation

A powerful practice that significantly reduces stress, anxiety, pain and depression to bring about positive personal change. If you’re interested in meditation – this is for you. Oméyu will take you there • 20min online-$10 • 20min in-person-$15

the oméyu signature session

With a vast compliment of deeply therapeutic practices at hand, allow us to choose the most effective techniques for your session from all our massage modalities including; Craniosacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Deep Tissue and Reflexology. These will be skilfully integrated with powerful holistic modalities such as Reiki, Numa Breathwork and Somatics; alongside other complimentary add-ons like Fire Cupping and Sound Vibration therapy. The OMÉYU SIGNATURE SESSION begins with your personal well-being consultation. Here we determine your specific remedial requirements, and exactly how to customize your unique treatment. This combination concept enables us to thoroughly utilize the most curative holistic benefits available from within the entire Oméyu range of massage treatments. By integrating the most appropriate segment of any, if not all modality procedures – we can then optimize and ultimately transform your therapeutic treatment into one unique and deeply focused, bespoke session. The OMÉYU SIGNATURE SESSION helps connect the body to the mind and spirit – to manage stress, to boost vitality, relieve muscular pain, and to elevate the body’s energetic vibration. Additionally, it works on a muscular and cellular level to open-up the flow and alignment of energy throughout the body to feel physically and emotionally lighter, while restoring harmony and balance. You’ll leave your custom session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated; tensions unravelled and your soul re-centred. RATES • 75min-$100 • 90min-$128 • 120min-$183

Oméyu treatments in-depth

To help you choose your most suitable OMÉYU treatment before you book an appointment, simply click through for a thorough read about all our treatment benefits and techniques.


numa breathwork


BREATHWORK is a generic term for any respiration therapy that utilizes focused breathing techniques to significantly improve mental, physical and spiritual health. There are quite a few different types of BreathWork; for example Holotropic or Rebirthing and Shamanic. The BreathWork protocols OMÉYU practice and explore are called Conscious Connected BreathWork and Coherent Breathing.

BreathWork enables us to reconnect and explore our unique natural self; to gather insight and then set in motion the power to reflect, renew and potentially reinvent ourselves. Through the rhythms, cycles and earthly oscillations of meditative-like breathing, we’ll journey deep within the physical, emotional and spiritual condition. In the process, valuable and joyous life-loving experiences will come to surface. More importantly, we’ll also begin to unravel, confront, release and appease stories in our lives that have in some way hindered choice and maybe even held us back. Uncomfortable events, traumatic memories, superfluous or redundant conditioning and beliefs. All of which may have become embedded or unconsciously repressed over time. While Conscious Connected BreathWork can be challenging, it can also foster deep relaxation and bring about profound emotional release, self-empowerment, love and joyous awareness. Only then can we begin to rewrite our new life story.

In a typical introduction session we’ll focus firstly on specific yet simple breathing techniques to help reconnect body to mind to spirit. You’ll learn how to breathe in a very new way. With practice, your journey and your personal challenges will expand as we tap into your energetic frequency to empower love, devotion and self-healing. While at times confronting, Conscious Connected BreathWork is a gentle therapy to master at your own pace. You can skim the surface, or go deep. Remember, it’s always your journey – and all of you is welcome here.

• BreathWork can help people with Anxiety • Acute and chronic pain • Anger issues
 • Depression • Trauma or PTSD • Grief and loss • Digestion issues. 
And, you may leave a session feeling • Increased self-love
 • More relaxed • Extreme stress relief • More emotional balance • More joy and a greater connection to the people you care about •



Numa Somatic BreathWork

Discover how to rewire your nervous system, to let go of pain, and to awaken a higher state of awareness. In a few sessions we can rid what is no longer serving us • ONE-TO-ONE 90min-$123 • 120min-$176 • COUPLES 90min-$130 • 120min-$185 • GROUP OF 5 OR MORE 90min-$45 per person


Somatic Exercises

A neuromuscular mind-body training technique utilizing gentle, new, focused and controlled physical movements to release accumulated chronic and/or acute muscular tension • ONE-TO-ONE 60min-$93 • 90min-$123 • 120min-$176 • COUPLES 90min-$130 • 120min-$185 • GROUP OF 5 OR MORE 90min-$45pp.


Trauma Sensitive Somatic Therapy

By working the mind and body in unison, Trauma Sensitive Somatic Therapy delivers a particularly effective therapeutic approach for releasing underlying trauma, and to revive emotional well-being • ONE-TO-ONE 90min-$123


For a quick run down on currently available OMÉYU treatments or to download a PDF with our latest prices, simply click here!

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To schedule a convenient time for your appointment or if you have any questions about OMÉYU treatments, simply call or text Lara on 306 230-9044 or email

CANCELLATION POLICY • We kindly ask that you respect the appointment time you've booked. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please note that we require 24hrs notice to cancel your booking. If the appointment time is missed without due notice, we must ask that you pay for the time that was booked. If you arrive late for the appointment, we will use the remaining time to complete your treatment, however you will be required to pay in full the cost of the original time booked.

Lara Kowalsky is a registered member of the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan. Receipts are given after each massage therapy session for insurance purposes.

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