Oméyu treatments in-depth


1 • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE • THERAPEUTIC • MOBILIZING • PAIN RELIEF • Deep Tissue Massage treats muscle soreness, strains, sprains, chronic pain and other musculoskeletal issues caused from strenuous sports and activities. This technique uses firm hand, forearm and elbow movements to apply slow deep strokes that follow the line of muscle fibres, then applying stronger pressure to the muscle layers and fascia. This helps to break down scar tissue and trauma from the injured area • RELIEF FROM • Sports injuries • General muscle stiffness • Acute and chronic pain such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Tennis elbow • Sciatica • Chronic low back and neck pain • Muscle spasms • Recovery from surgery • BENEFITS • Decreases pain • Increases circulation and mobility.

RATES    30min-$53    45min-$73    60min-$93    90min-$123    120min-$176

2 • THAI YOGA MASSAGE • DETOXING • MEDITATIVE • ENERGY FLOW THERAPY • Thai Yoga Massage is a dynamic bodywork therapy originated from the Indian Buddhist healing traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, and is now a most popular massage technique in Thailand. Working on a comfortable floor mat, the practitioner incorporates various balanced yoga postures to apply pressure-points along the Sen energy-lines of the body through which the body's natural life-force flows. Blockages in the life-force energy causes aches, pains and disease. This head to toe session is designed to help detoxify the body, boost the immune system and increase flexibility. Each treatment is personalized to target client needs. The basic principle is to balance the energy body, increase flexibility and decrease pain using specific palming, thumbing and stretching techniques • RELIEF FROM • Headaches • Knee pain • Shoulder, neck and especially lower back pain • Premenstrual tension • Numbness or loss of feeling in conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, nerve compression or post-stroke • BENEFITS • Decreases pain and improves body function • Improves sleep • Boosts immunity • Elevates alertness • Increases flexibility • Reduces stress levels • Increases energy flow.

RATES    90min-$128

3 • THAI AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE • INVIGORATING • BALANCING • RELAXING • Thai Aromatherapy Massage combines the revitalizing Sen Thai massage with Swedish massage techniques – using deeply soothing blends of fragrant essential massage oils for a super-sensorial energy-balancing, therapeutic experience. Akin to Qi or Chi energy meridians found in traditional Chinese medicine, Sen energy-lines lie the length of the body. The obstruction of this energy flow is considered to be a cause of discomfort and even illness. This potent combination massage is skilfully designed to unblock the energy-lines, to encourage detoxification and boost the immune system. In turn, this ultimately contributes to greater emotional and physical well-being. The treatment also aims to improve stamina by releasing all-body muscular tension, which affectively improves posture, balance and body alignment. Thai Aromatherapy Massage involves a variety of graceful hand and forearm movements. You’ll finish feeling totally relaxed and peaceful • RELIEF FROM • Joint pain • Headaches • High blood pressure • PHYSICAL BENEFITS • Tones the body • Relaxes muscle fibre • Reduces chronic joint issues • Boosts inner energy • Clears energy blockages to help prevent illness • Improves stamina • Increases blood circulation • EMOTIONAL BENEFITS • Clears mind for concentration • Calms mind for creativity • Refreshes outlook.

RATES    60min-$93

4 • THAI HANDS & FEET REFLEXOLOGY • CLEANSING • BALANCING • DETOXING • Thai Hands & Feet Reflexology is a firm and soothing hand & foot massage therapy combining Chinese reflexology, Shiatsu, Yoga, Sen energy-line therapy with traditional Thai massage technique. It delivers all-body restorative results through massage to the hands, legs and feet using highly effective reflexology pressure-point therapy along with Sen energy-line balancing – and will leave you feeling revitalised from head to toe • RELIEF FROM • Headaches & body pain • Stress • Irritable bowel syndrome • Sinusitis • Insomnia • BENEFITS • Stimulates central nervous system and circulation • Aids bodily functions • Speeds recovery after injury or surgery • Increases lymphatic flow • Reduces stiffness • Stimulates organ function to help remove toxins • Sen balancing.

RATES    60min-$93

5 • PRE/POST NATAL MASSAGE • SAFE • RELAXING • BABY BONDING • Pre/Post Natal Massage is a safe and relaxing all-body treatment for moms to be. Also, an ideal  opportunity to retreat in sanctuary for some well-earned pampering and special baby-time bonding. Specifically focused to help the body adjust and prepare for the birthing process; this very gentle treatment and takes place in a side-lying position with your body fully supported. Great care is given to the quality of massage touch and placement of hands. By stimulating the release of hormones normally associated with relaxation; this massage creates a positive experience to improve sleep and mood – also to ease or help regulate anxiety or depression often due to hormonal imbalances. And it’s great for reducing back strain or hip pain and the discomfort of swelling. Highly recommended as a regular treatment to maintain physical and mental wellbeing throughout the  pregnancy term. And most effective as reparation immediately after childbirth • RELIEF FROM • Pain • Sciatic nerve discomfort • Lower back, pubis and pelvic girdle pain • Achy hips and tight shoulders • Swellings • Cramps and heartburn • Insomnia • BENEFITS • Improve labor outcome and newborn health • Reduces post natal scar tissue • Reduces joint inflammation • Gentle structural realignment • Baby bonding • Postpartum recovery.

RATES    60min-$93

6 • MYOFASCIAL MASSAGE • PROTECTIVE • HOLISTIC • EFFECTIVE • Myofascial Massage focuses on the reparation of the fascial system; in part or throughout the body. Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue (primarily collagen) beneath the skin that attaches to, stabilizes, encloses and separates muscles and other internal organs. It supports the human body in its vital functions such as the maintenance of posture and motor expression which helps achieve an adaptive salutogenic, or health-generating, homoeostasis. Fascia is any connective tissue that is capable of responding to mechanical stimuli such as massage – which, when in repair, greatly influences our emotional sphere. It not only functions in support and communication, protection and sustenance but also provides protection to the entire body through the epidermis. When gentle yet sustained pressure is applied to target fascia the result is pain elimination and motion restoration to that tissue. This highly affective holistic treatment is done gently with little or no massage oil • RELIEF FROM • Chronic fatigue syndrome • Back pain • Chronic headache • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Sports injuries • Tennis elbow • Arthritis • Scoliosis • Whiplash • BENEFITS • Improves joint mobility and poor posture • Emotional well-being • Reduces connective tissue tension and tightness.

RATES    60min-$93

7 • CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY • JOYFUL • SOFT TOUCH • PAIN RELEIF • Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment to both evaluate and enhance the natural functioning of the body’s physiological system, known as the Craniosacral system; the membrane and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. Using soft-touch to release restrictions of movement within the Craniosacral system, this therapy helps to  improve the functioning of the central nervous system along with other systems such as digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory and more. CST is now increasingly used as a preventive health measure because of its ability to improve resistance to disease. By motivating the body's innate healing processes CST has proven particularly beneficial for people seeking help with an accumulation of healthcare challenges • RELIEF FROM • Migraines and headaches • Chronic fatigue and pain • Brain/nerve injuries and concussions • Spinal cord injuries • Fibromyalgia • Trigeminal neuralgia • TMJ syndrome and dental challenges • Whiplash • PTSD • Sleep challenges • Conception, pregnancy and birthing • Scoliosis • Sprain, strains, stress and tension • Immune disorders • BENEFITS • Aids Post Traumatic Stress • Reduces depression and anxiety • Calms hyperactive nervous system.

RATES  •  60min-$93    90min-$123  •  120min-$176

8 • VISCERAL MANIPULATION • POSTURE BALANCING • HOLISTIC • MOBILITY • The aim of Visceral Manipulation is to rebuild, balance and improve the body’s proprioception; the ability to sense and control movement, action and location stimuli. Proprioception results from sensory receptors in the nervous system and body – mostly located in the muscles, joints and tendons. Visceral Manipulation therapy addresses both functional and structural proprioception imbalance by encouraging the body’s natural repair mechanisms to reconnect dysfunctional musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic tissue and systems. An effective evaluation therapy that also facilitates the synergetic dynamics of motion and suspension in and around organs, membranes, fascia and ligaments. Visceral Manipulation is also gentle and performed with absolutely no discomfort; using specific placement of soft-applied touch to restore normal mobility, tone and motion of the viscera (the internal organs) and their connective tissues. Ultimately, this improves the functioning of individual organs and the systems they function within, along with the structural integrity of the entire body – for healthier, happier self and well-being • RELIEF FROM • Chronic pain • Back pain • Post MVA injuries • Constipation • Bladder issues • BENEFITS • Metabolism and organ functionality • Improves muscle/joint function, mobility and posture • Reparation of scar tissue • Stress reducing. 

RATES    60min-$93    90min-$123

9 • USUI REIKI • SELF-HEALING • DE-STRESSING • WELL-BEING • Usui Reiki is a traditional Japanese massage technique ideal for remedial relaxation and reducing stress. It’s thoroughly soothing and profoundly promotes well-being through all aspects of healing; physical, mental and spiritual. Reiki is practiced with the alternating placement and movement of hands either directly on, or just above the body, to bring about healing with the aim to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing capabilities. Reiki taps into (and aligns) the universal life-force energy, which flows through all living things. It is most beneficial when applied in conjunction with other medical and therapeutic techniques that promote recovery and relief from acquired side-effects.  The treatment feels wonderful. Some clients experience sensations in the body such as heat or tingling; or  recall memories, pictures or colourful visualizations. Such enlightening experiences may become deeper or even more beneficial with regular Reiki. After a session – some may feel tired – yet energized with a sense of calm and inner peace • RELIEF FROM • Stress • Pain • Fatigue • Insomnia • Anxiety and depression • BENEFITS • Empowers self-confidence • Relieves depression • Overall well-being.

RATES    60min-$93



1 • SOUND VIBRATION THERAPY • DE-STRESSING • RESTORATIVE • MOOD-LIFTING • Vibroacoustic therapy utilizes gentle low frequencies sound vibration alongside therapeutic music. This vibrotactile input stimulates nerve bundles along the spine, up into the brain stem and then through the limbic system. In addition, the sound stimulates the medulla in the brain stem and activates the auditory nerve that connects all muscles in the body. These reactions signal the body to relax, and then flood the brain with mood-lifting chemicals. The low frequencies also cause a relaxation of the tissues, a dilation of blood vessels and an opening of the lymphatic pathways – which in turn increases the body’s ability to heal. When used ( as an add-on ) in conjunction with other massage or vibrational modalities such as Reiki or BreathWork – it creates sensory resonance; where the individual is bathed in harmonic frequencies that integrate the brain and body into a state of peace and calm. When the mind and body are in a stress-free state, all kinds of health benefits can occur. Oméyu makes available a selection of singing bowls, drums & shakers, tuning forks and verbal intonation in this add-on for inclusion to your treatment. This add-on will greatly compliment and enhance the release of stagnant or historical emotional energies • RELIEF FROM •  Pain • Insomnia • Anxiety & depression • BENEFITS • Lower blood pressure • Increased circulation • Increased sense of calm • Improves quality of sleep • Regulation of limbic system • Quicker healing periods • Conditions such as asthma, autism, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease. 

RATES    Add $5  •  Also included in BreathWork therapy 

2 • FIRE CUPPING • PAIN RELIEF • MERIDIAN FLOW • ENERGY TREATMENT • Fire Cupping utilises the force of vacuum that is created when glass cups are internally heated using a variety of flammable materials such as cotton or paper. Once heated, the hot cups are carefully applied to particular pressure points on the skin; the suction then gently pulls the skin and dermal layers upward into the cup. Dry Cupping generally works with your body's meridian system to open potential stagnation or blocked points for a better energy flow, particularly in the blood and lymphatic system. It helps to rejuvenate specific meridians and organs that have or have not been functioning at their maximum potential. Cupping also activates the immune system and stimulates the mechanosensitive fibres; leading to a reduction in pain. Preliminary scientific evidence suggests that Dry Cupping is able to reduce musculoskeletal pain, making it an effective and popular tool for Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage therapists and Physical therapists • RELIEF FROM •  Chronic pain and tension • Lower back pain and stiffness • Stuck tissues • Frozen shoulder • Rotator cuff injuries • Myofascial adhesions • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Tennis elbow • ITB syndrome • BENEFITS • Loosens muscles • Mild relaxation to the nervous system • Lymphatic circulation. 

RATES    Add $10

3 • GUIDED MEDITATION • DEEPLY RELAXING • CENTRING • REJUVENATING • Discover your world through meditation – a powerful practice that significantly reduces stress, anxiety, pain and depression to bring about positive personal change. Oméyu will ‘take you there’ with guided meditation lessons and sessions utilizing a series of relaxing visualizations and focused rhythmic breathing techniques. Be still, be aware, become emotionally centred and clarify your thoughts. Your mind and body will connect. Your world will refresh and rejoice. Sessions are available for one-to-one, couples and groups – conveniently online or in-person. Ask Lara about our Special Friends price when you book in as a group of (five or more) friends to discover the wonderful inner consciousness of Oméyu Guided meditation • BENEFITS • Reduces stress and anxiety • Reduces inflammation • Relieves chronic pain • Clears the mind • Brings attention to the present • Boosts happiness, self-confidence and focus • Delivers a sense of calm • Develops mindfulness • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system. 

RATES    20min online-$10 per person    20min in-person-$15 per person  


1  • NUMA SOMATIC BREATHWORK  • EMPOWERING • TRANSFORMATION • CONNECTION • Join our ever growing Oméyu BreathWork community for a guided transformational journey. In a few Numa Somatic Breathwork sessions, you’ll learn how to rewire the nervous system, to let go of pain, and to access and realign a higher state of awareness. Present Moment Awareness, as it is also known, allows us to reveal and then reprogram historical breathing patterns that harbour the unconscious holding-on of accumulated stress, pain or trauma. It is here, we can rid what is no longer serving us. This is your open invitation to freedom and a wonderful life of new possibilities. All BreathWork sessions can include Sound Vibrational Therapy to raise frequency vibrations aimed to release held tension and resolve suppressed trauma. OMÉYU can also provide relaxing sensorial music from a specifically tailored playlist to help evoke and guide your emotional voyage • RELIEF FROM • Stress and anxiety • Acute & chronic pain • Anger issues • Depression • Trauma or PTSD • Grief and loss • Digestion issues • BENEFITS • Increased self-love & self awareness • More relaxed • Improved breathing • Extreme stress relief • More emotional balance • More joy • A greater connection to self and people you care about.

RATES   ONE-TO-ONE 90min-$123   120min-$176    COUPLES 90min-$130   120min-$185   GROUP OF 5 OR MORE 90min-$45 per person   Sound Vibrational Therapy add-on is also included in this BreathWork session.

2 • SOMATIC EXERCISES  • OBSERVE • CONNECT • CORRECT • Somatic Exercise is a neuromuscular mind-body training technique that utilizes gentle, new, focused and controlled physical movements in order to release accumulated chronic and/or acute muscular tension. Omeyu will teach you how to enliven your body’s sensorial awareness to help connect and correct, then alleviate pain or aggravation caused from everyday actions and movements. Here, you’ll learn to recognize how tension and pain directly inhibits many normal physical movements. Somatic Exercise is a unique form of sensory-motor education that can reawaken your brain’s ability to relax and maintain both accumulated long-term muscular and emotional tension. Step one, is to develop your motor awareness skills, to help target and then reverse embedded Sensory Motor Amnesia*. This too, allows you explore a better way to move through life; with freedom and ease. These are worthy holistic life-long motor skills, which can be used anytime (by anyone) to improve your ability to self-sense, self-monitor and self-correct. * Sensory Motor Amnesia is the condition whereby chronically tightened muscles (or muscle groups) become conditioned to remain contracted due to repeated or fixated reflex response.  • HELPS WITH • Mobility, flexibility, posture and gait • Improved sleep and insomnia • Relieves acute and chronic pain • Balance muscles • Improved breathing • Headaches or whiplash • Receptive strain • Impaired movement • Emotional tension.  

RATES   ONE-TO-ONE OR GROUP SESSIONS   ONE-TO-ONE 60min -$93   90min-$123   120min-$176   COUPLES 90min-$130   120min-$185   GROUP OF 5 OR MORE 90min-$45 per person.

3 • TRAUMA SENSITIVE SOMATIC THERAPY  • GENTLE • REVEALING • FREEDOM • Somatic Therapy is a practice that treats the interactive relationship of mind & body as an inter-connective whole. The Trauma Sensitive treatment itself aims to alleviate emotional trauma that is associated to; or emanating from accumulated emotional and physical ailments which can manifest as deep-seated anguish, chronic pain, inflammation and trauma-induced mental stress. This body-centric treatment facilitates the body-mind connection using specific exercises; like talk-therapy and physical therapy to help reveal and release trapped tensions that negatively affect physical and emotional health. A Somatic session is sublimely gentle – as you will discover! You’ll learn how to create and awaken dormant neurological pathways through a combined practice of focused visualization and ‘acquired-mindfulness’. It is here, we focus on the sensations of ‘intentional movement’ in the body – where we move slowly and purposefully in order to observe, to feel, release and then connect to the therapeutic depth of that moment. When combined with a physical treatment; such as BreathWork, Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, vocalization and massage therapy; these connective techniques nurture a pathway to well-being • RELIEF FROM • Acute or chronic pain • Muscle tension • Insomnia • Digestive issues • Respiratory problems • Sexual dysfunction • PTSD • Anxiety-induced adrenal fatigue • EMOTIONAL BENEFITS • Increased self-love & self awareness • More relaxed • Extreme stress relief • More emotional balance • More joy • A greater connection to self and people you care about.

RATES   ONE-TO-ONE 90min-$123