I've been a registered Independent Massage Therapist (RMT) for over two decades now, working to support my clients along their journey to better physical health.

When I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in 2016, it became necessary for me to further my knowledge for my own ‘soul-deep’ journey into healing. Since there was little on offer from Allopathic medicine I felt motivated to go deeper within myself and take responsibility for my own recovery.

With a lot of awakening research and self-education I discovered and embraced the regenerative power of the raw vegan food diet. It completely changed my life! I detoxed on raw fruits and vegetables, took herbs, practiced meditation and discovered Numa BreathWork and Somatics. I then no longer needed medication for my thyroid condition. I was able to return to my everyday work. My vision returned to normal, and my general health consistently improved. For me, this was an incredible awakening. In fact, a revelation in my life that genuinely inspired me to share this remarkable conscience with others. Also, I renewed my passion to help my clients reconnect to their natural vitality – and to reclaim optimal health through an elementary change of lifestyle, self-empowered care and diet.  

My work currently focuses on an even broader, and certainly more in-depth approach to capturing and maintaining sound holistic health and wellbeing. I now utilize and offer a unique synergy of deeply therapeutic disciplines such as Numa Breathwork, Regenerative Detoxification (Dr. Morse), Somatic Therapy and various meditation methods along with the know-how for attainable changes in nutrition and diet. My therapeutic approach is to restore and maintain both physical and emotional connectivity and balance. Merging harmonies of lifestyle, love and nourishment; to discover, to nurture and to evolve.

I love my work! My passion for wellness is truly a heart-felt desire for the wellbeing of all. And the joy from caring, from sharing and healing is a special, if not humble expression of love that I wish to embrace with all my valued clients.

Lara Kowalsky • RMT • Oméyu Founder