Numa Somatic BreathWork

Discover how to rewire your nervous system, to let go of pain, and to awaken a higher state of awareness. In a few sessions we can rid what is no longer serving us • ONE-TO-ONE 90min-$123 • 120min-$176 • COUPLES 90min-$130 • 120min-$185 • GROUP OF 5 OR MORE 90min-$45 per person


Somatic Exercises

A neuromuscular mind-body training technique utilizing gentle, new, focused and controlled physical movements to release accumulated chronic and/or acute muscular tension • ONE-TO-ONE 60min-$93 • 90min-$123 • 120min-$176 • COUPLES 90min-$130 • 120min-$185 • GROUP OF 5 OR MORE 90min-$45pp.


Trauma Sensitive Somatic Therapy

By working the mind and body in unison, Trauma Sensitive Somatic Therapy delivers a particularly effective therapeutic approach for releasing underlying trauma, and to revive emotional well-being • ONE-TO-ONE 90min-$123