BREATHWORK is a generic term for any respiration therapy that utilizes focused breathing techniques to significantly improve mental, physical and spiritual health. There are quite a few different types of BreathWork; for example Holotropic or Rebirthing and Shamanic. The BreathWork protocols OMÉYU practice and explore are called Conscious Connected BreathWork and Coherent Breathing.

BreathWork enables us to reconnect and explore our unique natural self; to gather insight and then set in motion the power to reflect, renew and potentially reinvent ourselves. Through the rhythms, cycles and earthly oscillations of meditative-like breathing, we’ll journey deep within the physical, emotional and spiritual condition. In the process, valuable and joyous life-loving experiences will come to surface. More importantly, we’ll also begin to unravel, confront, release and appease stories in our lives that have in some way hindered choice and maybe even held us back. Uncomfortable events, traumatic memories, superfluous or redundant conditioning and beliefs. All of which may have become embedded or unconsciously repressed over time. While Conscious Connected BreathWork can be challenging, it can also foster deep relaxation and bring about profound emotional release, self-empowerment, love and joyous awareness. Only then can we begin to rewrite our new life story.

In a typical introduction session we’ll focus firstly on specific yet simple breathing techniques to help reconnect body to mind to spirit. You’ll learn how to breathe in a very new way. With practice, your journey and your personal challenges will expand as we tap into your energetic frequency to empower love, devotion and self-healing. While at times confronting, Conscious Connected BreathWork is a gentle therapy to master at your own pace. You can skim the surface, or go deep. Remember, it’s always your journey – and all of you is welcome here.