Hi, I’m Lara from Oméyu. I love my work because my passion for wellness is a truly heart-felt desire for the wellbeing of all. The joy of caring, of sharing and healing is a special, if not humble expression of love that I wish to embrace with all my valued clients. Also, to inspire and empower others to be well, and to thrive upon their own path in life. In my career path, as a professional massage therapist, I have learned much from my clients. Especially, how health and wellbeing can greatly benefit from a diversity of interconnected treatments. Integral as massage is to rid pain, to relax, to revive and initiate healing – we need deeper remedial practices to scope beyond the physical curative benefits of massage. The Oméyu road to optimal health requires a holistic, energetic, emotional and even spiritual therapeutic process. 

 My clients remedial needs (alongside my own health issues) largely inspired me to open my world to understand and practice so many more well-grounded therapeutic conventions. I studied, and now proudly include; holistic nutrition, meditation, Numa Breathwork, Somatic therapy and regenerative detoxification as treatment offerings. 

Oméyu was born of a need to integrate and apply these truly enlightened practices that alleviate inflammation and pain, enhance health and improve our quality of life. I like to think of Oméyu as a place to capture and maintain good health. A home to share awareness. A meeting place and a community for us all to flourish. Me, you and Oméyu will journey together to learn and grow. Along the way you’ll get access to amazing workshops, events, tutorials, holistic nutrition courses and more.