Why not try any one, or all of these inclusive OMÉYU ADD-ONS for an even more effective treatment session.  


Sound Vibrational Therapy

Uses singing bowls, tuning forks & instruments to create therapeutic music; sound vibrations that stimulate nerve bundles, brain stem and limbic system. Relaxes muscle tissue, opens blood vessels and lymphatic pathways to improve the body’s ability to heal • Add $5


Fire Cupping

Utilizes the gentle force of vacuum from heated glass cups to open potential stagnation or blocked points for better energy flow – particularly in the blood and lymphatic system to rejuvenate specific meridians and organs • Add $10


Guided Meditation

A powerful practice that significantly reduces stress, anxiety, pain and depression to bring about positive personal change. If you’re interested in meditation – this is for you. Oméyu will take you there • 20min online-$10 • 20min in-person-$15